REVENGE OF THE GPU POOR HIVE is donating 1,000 hours with a 10x Nvidia A40 GPU server

Are you rich in ideas,
but poor in GPU compute?

HIVE Digital Technologies (Nasdaq: HIVE) wants to help! To kick off the launch of HIVE Cloud,we're giving away 1,000 hours of compute time on a new Supermicro server with 10x Nvidia A40 GPUs with 480 GB of VRAM and 512 GB of system RAM and 7.6 TB of direct attached storage (estimated value of $10,000).

We are particularly interested in work on open source AI projects such as Llama-2 and Stable Diffusion, however any creative or interesting application requiring GPU compute is welcome!

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HIVE's Supermicro GPU SuperServer with 10x Nvidia A40 GPUs


HIVE's new Supermicro servers each have:

  • 10 Nvidia A40 GPUs each with 48GB of RAM
  • 7.6 TB local storage
  • Dual Intel Gold series processors with 48 cores
  • 512 GB system RAM
  • 480 GB of combined VRAM from GPUs
  • Located in a secure data center in Sweden


HIVE builds and operates infrastructure for emerging technologies. We are beta-testing HIVE Cloud, an enterprise-level GPU-on-demand service.

HIVE operates a fleet of 38,000 Nvidia data center GPUs, including over 4,000 Nvidia A40s with 48 GB of VRAM and 12,000 Nvidia A5000s with 24 GB of VRAM.

Learn more about us on Youtube, Twitter, our homepage, and HIVE's blog.