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Pioneering The Digital Transformation Through AI Solutions and Bitcoin Mining

HIVE Digital Technologies specializes in building and operating cutting-edge data centers. By combining its expertise in data center operations with Bitcoin mining, HIVE is fueling the advancement of Web3, AI and HPC by actively participating in the decentralized digital economy.

HIVE Cloud Launching 2024


Positioned for Growth

  • Our fleet of thousands of high-end industrial GPUs makes HIVE well positioned to support the fast-growing AI and HPC markets
  • Recognised experience operating Web3 infrastructure

Leading Data Centre

  • Industry-leading expertise in building, maintaining and operating efficient digital infrastructure
  • Operations situated in cool and politically stable jurisdictions (Canada, Sweden & Iceland) with access to low-cost renewable energy

Monthly Production Update

HIVE's GPU Fleet

  • HIVE operates a fleet of thousands of NVIDIA industrial-grade GPUs (graphic processing units)
  • Building HIVE Cloud, an enterprise-class service offering affordable compute for demanding applications including AI training and inference
  • Learn more about HIVE Cloud and our GPU operations

HIVE Data Centres

  • HIVE operates over 100 MW of data centres in Canada
  • HIVE operates 46 MW in Iceland and Sweden
  • Industry-leading efficiency thanks to custom software and hardware expertise
  • Powered by clean, low-cost green energy (primarily hydroelectric)
  • Learn more about our data centres