HIVE Blockchain’s rebuilding year comes to a close in time for the halving

30 Dec 2019
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In hockey, when your team’s down and your favourite pita-slinger’s getting on your case at your local shawarma shack, you can pull out the faithful excuse that it’s a rebuilding year. Yeah. A rebuilding year. They’re making trades and figuring out how to skate together and once they iron out some of the kinks and find out what combinations work best for line chemistry, then you’d better watch out in June.

I have about four different variations of that story as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and they’re all equally inaccurate and unsatisfying. Now for Hive Blockchain’s (HIVE.V) first year after the end of the crypto-winter, those stories could be recycled and used to describe what they’ve been doing. The stories would be accurate, but still unsatisfying.