Hello from HIVE... A Recap of Our First Months

20 Nov 2017
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It has been just two short months since our trading debut on the TSX.V, but a lot has happened since then. The blockchain and cryptocurrency economy continues to grow at a furious pace, with the aggregate market cap of all cryptocurrencies surpassing US$225 billion this past week. Recent developments include the decision of CME Group — the operator of the world's largest options and futures exchange — to launch Bitcoin futures; the third annual Ethereum developer conference (devcon3) — the largest ever — held in Cancun, Mexico; mainstream payment platforms like Square dipping their toes into crypto; the announcement by Coinbase of a new company — Coinbase Custody — which will help institutional investors securely store digital assets; and the Ethereum Classic Summit held in Hong Kong, sponsored by HIVE.

The consensus algorithms leading these decentralized economies — like Proof-of-Work, Ethash, and Equihash — continue to power the security underpinning and legitimizing the leading blockchain networks. HIVE is quickly scaling to become a global leader in blockchain infrastructure as the world we know becomes decentralized.

Since our launch, we have raised C$88 million in three financing rounds, including two bought deals led by GMP Securities. These financings have included the re-investment of more than C$12 million by our largest shareholder and strategic partner, Genesis Mining, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining company. The raised capital was used to grow our Iceland mining operation to 3.8 MW in electricity consumption, and is now being deployed in our massive expansion into Sweden, which will increase the total electricity consumption of our global mining operations to 17.4 MW.

We are also pleased to have been included as one of five select holdings — along with SAP, Overstock, Hitachi, and Accenture — in the Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index, which is designed to measure the returns of global companies committed to blockchain innovation.

We will continue to provide community and company insights through our corporate blog in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

Many thanks,
The HIVE team


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